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We are building a community of sales people involved in complex sales to enterprise companies.   Through our monthly events and online content, sales people can network with peers, share relevant ideas, and learn from successful practitioners in the field of sales.

As career sales people, we saw the rapid change of pace in the tactics used to successfully sell complex solutions.  Our goal from the time we started this community was a simple one; to bring innovative, modern enterprise sales techniques to sales professionals that are practical and actionable.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 27 – Why SDR’s Make Bad SDR’s

6:00 PM at SalesLoft in Atlanta, GA
Mark Thompson knows a thing or two about sales development, helping companies execute successful account-based selling programs. He has seen the good, bad & ugly of sales development and shares some of his key findings on why sales performance is so variable and how SDR’s can become well-oiled sales machines.

Wednesday, September 28 – How to Develop Your Sales GRIT w/ Andy Miller
6:00 PM at Hanover Research in Arlington, VA
Andy Miller of Big Swift Kick join us to discuss why GRIT is critical to success in selling and how you can improve this critical trait to improve your sales results.  He will discuss the GRIT Gauge™ and discuss challenges to attaining GRIT, what the research says, and how you can apply GRIT to your sales efforts right now.

Thursday, October 20 – The Power of Referrals in Sales w/ Bill Cates
6:00 PM at PerformYard in Rosslyn, VA
According to Bill Cates, the way we connect with and leverage our referrals has changed radically. Bill shares his advice on growing your business through personal introductions and other practical referral-related insights for growing your revenue in a way that produces immediate results and helps build even stronger relationships.

Thursday, September 29 – Revolutionizing Customer Acquisitions

6:15 PM at Work-Bench in New York, NY
Most sales pros acknowledge it’s tough to keep up with emerging customer acquisition tools and trends in this dynamic digital environment. Our panel will address three key topics – social-based lead gen, influencer marketing/amplification and marketing automation – to show what’s new, and how these functions interact to provide more cost-effective prospecting and conversion.

Thursday, October 6 – Dealstorming Your Biggest Deals w/ Tim Sanders
6:00 PM at WeWork Kinzie in Chicago, IL
Are your biggest deals becoming your biggest nightmares?  Tim Sanders spent most of his career getting solving challenges of getting big deals moving forward.  He breaks down how his concept called “Dealstorming” that he refined as CSO of Yahoo to close the biggest brand deals ever for Yahoo.

Tuesday, October 11 – Confessions of a Sales Leader w/ Tom Lavery
6:00 PM at Localytics in Boston, MA
Scaling a startup from nothing is HARD! How do you hire? Who do you target? What is the right sales process? We invited the former SVP of Reward Gateway to share his challenges in building and scaling the sales team as a manger and leader.  This will be a candid conversation about what works and does not work in leading sales teams.

Thursday, October 13 – Stop Selling…Help People Buy!
6:00 PM at Everbridge in Burlington, MA
For our first suburban sales talk series, we invited Mike Myers to come explore the psychology of how people buy and why traditional selling techniques work against you and throughout the sales process. Mike will demonstrate how pushy and aggressive sales tactics generally lead to losing business.

Wednesday, October 12 – Breaking into the C-Suite
6:00 PM at Lyft in San Francisco, CA
Every sales leader tells you that you need to reach out to the C-suite. How are you supposed to “reach out”?  What do you say?  Anddoes it even make sense to reach out to a top level executive? We will explore those questions and more with a group of panelists that know a thing or two about meeting and talking with executives!

Thursday, October 13 – Fireside Chat w/ Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing
5:30 PM at Payscale in Seattle, WA
In our second sales talk for Seattle, we are honored to have Matt Heinz, a thought leader and prolific speaker on the world of B2B sales & marketing. Join us for his talk about the merging of sales and marketing, how buyer’s expect to buy, and what sales professional need to understand in order to be effective in the world where buyers are in charge.

Tuesday, October 4 – Secrets to Increasing Your Sales Productivity
6:00 PM in New York, NY
Prospecting tends to be a LOT of manual, time-consuming, and intensive effort. So what can you do to maximize your output and dramatically increase your sales results at the same time?  Our panel will talk about their tips and processes for maximizing their sales productivity and efficiency, while still being highly productive.

Monday, October 17 – Sales Talk w/ Mike Weinberg & Anthony Iannarino
6:00 PM in New York, NY
Who is ultimately responsible for your sales success? Is it your manager, company, something else?  Ultimately your successes starts and ends with you and we are honored to have Mike Weinberg and Anthony Iannarino, join us for an evening of candid sales talk about some of the critical aspects of success today for sales reps & teams..

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